Guess the Lines: Week 12 NFL edition

Will update with actual lines when released by MyBookie.

Bears @ Lions

Guess: Bears (-3)

Actual: Bears (-3)

Currently watching the Bears dominate the Vikings, even though the Lions had a huge win against the Panthers today I think they will be home underdogs on Thanksgiving.

Redskins @ Cowboys

Guess: Cowboys (-4.5)

Actual: Cowboys (-8)

Alex Smith is done for the year and the Cowboys are sitting at 5-5 with their eyes on 1st place. Must-win situation with huge playoff implications, can’t see the Cowboys getting less than 3 here.

UPDATE: the Cowboys shouldn’t be 8 point favorites against anyone

Falcons @ Saints

Guess: Saints (-9.5)

Actual: Saints (-13)

Drew Brees is dominant in the dome and leads the #1 ranked offense in the NFL. The Falcons have been nothing more than a flash in the pan this year with a couple really nice wins and the rest ugly losses. I would feel comfortable betting this as high as (-13), but I think the divisional matchup might make Vegas flinch.

UPDATE: Vegas did not flinch, I imagine they’ve lost a ton of money on the Saints this year so the 13-point spread makes sense.

Giants @ Eagles

Guess: Eagles (-3.5)

Actual: Eagles (-5)

Eagles are still the defending Super Bowl Champs, but they sure don’t look like it. The Giants are starting to get the ball rolling on offense, but a couple weeks ago I was talking about them having the #1 pick and needing to rebuild. I think the Eagles should be much higher than (-3.5), but they haven’t shown enough for Vegas to make the Giants a full TD underdog.

UPDATE: right in the Vegas zone, I should have known.

Jaguars @ Bills

Guess: Jaguars (-4)

Actual: Jaguars (-3.5)

I have no idea what to think about this game, possibly the two worst offenses in the league. I would recommend betting the under no matter how low it is.

Seahawks @ Panthers

Guess: Panthers (-3.5)

Actual: Panthers (-3.5)

Panthers are coming off back-to-back huge losses vs. the Steelers and Lions. The Seahawks are coming off two heart-breaking losses and a win vs. the Packers. I was convinced the Panthers were one of the best teams in the league a few weeks ago which is why I’m giving them (-3.5), but I could easily see this one being a pick ’em by kickoff.

Raiders @ Ravens

Guess: Ravens (-8)

Actual: no line yet

Vegas gave the Cardinals (-5.5) last week against the Raiders, and the Ravens are a much better team than the Cardinals. I could see this one being as high as (-10), but I don’t know if Vegas will trust Lamar Jackson to cover a spread that high.

49ers @ Buccaneers

Guess: Buccaneers (-3.5)

Actual: Buccaneers (-3.5)

I don’t like either of these teams and would recommend staying as far away from this game as possible. With that being said, I think the Bucs have more weapons and will be able to put up more points than the 49ers.

Browns @ Bengals

Guess: Bengals (-6.5)

Actual: Bengals (-3)

This line will depend on AJ Green’s health, but I think Vegas will disrespect the Browns coming off a huge win vs. the Falcons and then a bye week. If this line goes above (-7) to the Bengals, take the Browns.

UPDATE: Vegas is showing some respect for the Browns, I was way off.

Patriots @ Jets

Guess: Patriots (-7.5)

Actual: Patriots (-9.5)

Patriots rule the AFC East, the only reason I’m not guessing (-10) is because the Jets are at home and have extra time to prepare coming off a bye week.

UPDATE: not too surprising, don’t think I would feel comfortable betting on the Pats though.

Cardinals @ Chargers

Guess: Chargers (-10)

Actual: Chargers (-11.5)

The Chargers had a huge loss in Denver this afternoon, but I still think they are one of the top 8 teams in football. Josh Rosen is making too many mistakes and the defense won’t be able to slow down Phillip Rivers and Melvin Gordon.

Steelers @ Broncos

Guess: Steelers (-2)

Actual: Steelers (-3.5)

I think this will be a surprising line. I am expecting the Steelers to be (-5) by kickoff, but I think this is a game where Vegas plays it conservative after the Broncos pulled out a huge win vs. the Chargers and have the altitude advantage.

Dolphins @ Colts

Guess: Colts (-6.5)

Actual: no line yet

Andrew Luck is playing out of his mind lately and the Colts are making a push for the playoffs in the AFC South. I think they come out and stomp the Dolphins at home, but Vegas will show some respect to the Dolphins not making them a full TD underdog.

Packers @ Vikings

Guess: Vikings (-2.5)

Actual: no line yet

Both teams have looked below average the last few weeks. I wanted to make this a pick ’em, but the Packers have been awful this year and I’m not sure Aaron Rodgers can save them.

Titans @ Texans

Guess: Texans (-3)

Actual: no line yet

Huge divisional matchup. Texans are looking to win 8 in a row, I think they might end up losing this game but there is no chance that the Titans open as favorites.






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