McBeamers NBA DFS 1.25

Hi everyone, I’m working with one of my professors on a spreadsheet to help with my research/projections. There’s a huge learning curve, so I’m hoping to have the spreadsheet perfected by the time the MLB season rolls around.

My current method is very inefficient, I have to handwrite everything which takes ages. I’ll still try to release 3-5 podcasts + posts each week, but once I get the spreadsheet figured out I’ll start releasing content daily.

Quick player list: (in depth breakdown in the podcast)

•Jamal Murray

•Trey Lyles

•Mason Plumlee

•Will Barton

•Tim Hardaway Jr.

•Guillermo Hernangomez

•Jarrett Jack

•Taj Gibson

•Jamal Crawford

•Steph Curry

•Draymond Green

•John Wall

•Bradley Beal

•Kelly Oubre Jr.

•Paul George

•Carmelo Anthony

•Andre Roberson

•Willie Cauley-Stein

•Hassan Whiteside

•James Johnson

Follow me on twitter: @drillacape

I’ll be answering questions all day + tweet out my updated free lineups around 6pm CST (lock is at 6:30 tomorrow)

Free lineups (early edition):


J. Jack > B. Beal > K. Oubre Jr. > M. Plumlee > H. Whiteside > T. Hardaway Jr. > D. Green > W. Cauley-Stein


S. Curry > J. Jack > T. Hardaway Jr. > A. Roberson > P. George > K. Oubre Jr. > C. Anthony > T. Gibson > H. Whiteside


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