Film Room: Hundley and the Pack

1st Drive:

The Packers looked explosive on the first drive of the game. Hundley hit Jordy Nelson on a 17-yard crossing route, then an 8 yard pitch to Williams, and a 33-yard yard dime to Adams (both passes completed on Brandon Carr) had the Packers set up 1st and goal from the 10.

The next 2 plays were just as impressive as the first 3.

The first play Hundley takes the snap in shotgun, shakes off a weak tackler then throws a fade route to Williams that most Packers fans would probably argue was DPI. oooo.gif

Then on the 2nd play he drew the defense offsides with an Aaron Rodgers like hard-count, but ended up throwing a ball incomplete to Nelson in the corner of the end zone. (Brandon Carr got a hand on it).

There was one final play on the opening drive, which set the tone for the rest of the game. Cobb came in motion to the left, and was running a post to the corner (which would have been wide open if the Ravens stayed in man coverage), but you can see Hundley stare down the route before the snap, which allows the Ravens corner to drop back and make the easy INT.


2nd Drive:

Hundley seemed rattled after throwing the early pick, the Ravens brought a blitz on the first play causing him to to make a terrible throw that bounced at Davante Adams’ feet. The next 3 plays went for positive yardage, a handoff to Williams up the middle for 6, a quick slant complete Nelson for 7, and then a check down to Williams went for 16.

Following the trend from the first drive, the Packers had 3 positive plays and then everything started to fall apart. A false start on Brett Hundley set them back 5 yards, and then Hundley tried to scramble out of the pocket and threw a pass to Jordy Nelson that was undercut and nearly picked off by CJ Mosley. Then he makes this HORRIBLE decision on 2nd and 15. Nov-21-2017 16-39-23.gif

There’s just no reason to make this throw. His feet don’t get set, he’s about to take a huge hit, he’s trying to throw over the top of 4 defenders, and even if he had the arm strength to make this throw, the defender was still in a perfect position to make this play.

3rd Drive:

I think the goal of this drive was to chew up some clock, and get a few confidence boosting throws in the mix for Hundley. It started with a 6 yard completion to Ripkowski, followed by 3 runs by Williams (5,2,1) which brought up 3rd and 7. Again, they take a shot at Brandon Carr who allows the reception, but makes a pretty good tackle to bring up 4th and 1.



On 4th and 1, they hand it to Williams who dives forward for 2 yards and the 1st down. Then McCarthy brings Mays into the game (7th round rookie RB) they hand it off to him, he runs left, makes a great cut move and…


Yes the Ravens recovered the football.

4th Drive:

There’s not much to say about this drive. A quick handoff to Williams went for 3 yards, a screen play to Williams went for 5 yards, and then Hundley scrambled out of the pocket, evaded 2 defenders but couldn’t find anyone open so threw the ball out of bounds forcing a punt.

5th Drive:

The Packers started this drive at their own 2 yard line. Even with the unfortunate field position, Hundley made some good decisions on this drive. The first play, he almost got trapped in his own end zone but managed to escape the pocket and run for 3 yards. Then  a 14-yard completion to Adams on a curl route, the throw came out a little high, but Adams had enough separation the bring the catch down and secure it.

A handoff to Williams went for no gain, the 2nd down play was an outside handoff to Williams, he bounced outside to the right for a 7 yard gain, bringing up 3rd and 3. Hundley dropped back, saw blanket man coverage and tucked the ball and ran up the middle for 4 yards.

Randall Cobb set up as QB and took the direct snap to the left for no gain. The next play was an 11 yard completion to Adams on a slant route.

Then, another mistake by the rookie RB Mays. I’m not sure if his assignment was to stay in and block, or bounce out as a checkdown for Hundley. Either way, he was standing in no man’s land slapping hands with the left tackle while his QB gets planted into the turf.

Nov-21-2017 17-40-41.gif

A quick screen pass intended for Nelson got batted down at the line bringing up 3rd and long. The RT gets manhandled on this play, he gets completely spun around and leaves Hundley no time to make a decision.


Another punt.

6th Drive:

The Packers start with a quick play-action fake, Hundley rolls out to the right and throws a strike to Randall Cobb for 7 yards. Williams runs off the LG for 4 yards and the 1st down.

Davante Adams runs a perfect route, and Brett Hundley is right on time with his throw for this 19 yard completion.


Then a short 3 play sequence, a 1 yard run by Williams, a quick 3 yard completion to Adams, and then another ball nearly intercepted (intended for Cobb).

Going for it on 4th down…


7th Drive:

This drive started off featuring Williams. On the first play, he came out of the backfield, found a soft spot in the zone coverage across the middle and picked up 14 yards. The next play, he made a couple nice cuts and picked up 7 on a handoff to the left. Then an incompletion brought up 3rd and 3.

This is what Hundley needs to do if the Packers want to win football games. He doesn’t need to be a scrambling QB, but he needs to make quick decisions, like tucking the ball and running if none of his receivers are open.


2 more handoffs to Williams brought up 3rd down, and a huge missed throw from Hundley.



8th and 9th Drive:

Hardly anything happened on the next 2 drives. Hundley completed a 5 yard pass to Kendrick’s, and then Williams ran the ball 3 times, was denied all 3 times and the Packers turned the ball over.

4 and out

The next series had a few short completions, a sack, and a few incompletions. The only thing that stood out on tape was the Packers ability to hit on the quick slant route AGAIN.



10th Drive:

A 6 yard run by Williams, and then a beautiful throw by Hundley to Adams.catch22.gif

But of course Hundley drops back too far in the pocket, and runs straight into the defender blitzing off the edge.


The Ravens recovered this too.

11th Drive:

An 18 yard completion to Randall Cobb, the ball was thrown behind him, but Cobb made a great play. Another quick hitting route to Cobb for 9 yards, and intentional grounding call on Hundley and then…




The Right Tackle gets dominated again.

12th Drive:

Ok, let’s at least build a little confidence, get a couple completions maybe 3 points on the board.


13th Drive:

The rookie Mays fumbled on the 1st down carry, the Packers recovered but went 3 and out on their final drive of the day.




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